In gratitude, we slow down, hone in on the moment, and realize that all must perfect because we are alive. Gratitude is feeling that just our life force, and our breath, is a gift. The circumstances around us may be far from perfect or ideal, but — we are alive. We can take in this world through our senses. We don’t have to look further than this exact moment to find immense beauty, and that is the foundation of gratitude.⁠

The fact that we may share food & abundance with friends and family is merely added beauty. And sadly that’s not available to all of us. ⁠What is available to every single one of us though, is life energy. The ability to share this universe with each other, in this split second of time. That we are awake, and have this body to be aware of. That we can connect eyes with someone else, having the same yet different experience of body and breath. This is something to celebrate, for certain.⁠

The work of Thanksgiving is unraveling our habit of taking life for granted. It’s a day to distill the sensation of what it feels like to be alive, and soaking in the phenomenality. Then, we move into thankfulness. We give a nod of appreciation and acknowledgment toward the universe or whatever something-greater.⁠

After we’ve steeped in the essence of gratitude, magic tends to happen. In gratitude, there is no resistance. There is a complete acceptance that creates space. And within that space, we tend to receive what we’ve long been looking for.⁠

Happy Thanksgiving to our Oasis family and beyond.