What’s your yoga story?
Yoga found me while I was in college and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, which I am still doing everyday, it just keeps evolving. I always loved movement but this was better than anything I knew before. Mindfulness, movement and music all in a space where I could escape the outside pressures and heal myself not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well?! Yoga gives me new perspective it allows me to welcome in all the versions of myself to co-exist in acceptance.

What’s your favorite way to slow down?
Breath. The power that comes from consciously breathing bigger and bringing focus to that one element, that slows my whole system down. When you add a mountain view or a beach sunset to that equation, bliss!

Describe your most peaceful day.
My most peaceful day is spent on the top of a mountain, alone. Headphones on and my snowboard on my feet. My heart alive after an invigorating hike. I am floating on fresh powder turns under a mostly blue sky scattered with cotton candy clouds.

Why do you love teaching Supportive Yoga formats?
Our culture thrives on this idea of instant gratification. We tend to be in a multi-tasking frenzy so much of the time. Supportive yoga is essential to balance this energy. There is more to this life experience than “doing” really the most beautiful and moments lie in tiny and simple spaces.

What is mindfulness?
Presence. Mindfulness to me is acceptance of what is. Recognizing that every wave of experience belongs in our life. Mindfulness is the ability to be with things as they are rather than how you want them to be. Easier said than done, no doubt!