What’s your yoga story?
YMy yoga story starts back in Columbus Ohio at Yoga on High. I started a Mysore practice at 18 years old and fell in love. I fell short, however, when I became distracted by school and temporary people. I then kept the interest alive living vicariously through those on Instagram. There was even a moment I thought I could teach yoga without any training. (I do not recommend this in the slightest) I instead indulged myself in a 200 hour teacher training in Colorado Springs at Cambio and rigggghtt in the middle I decided to take on another 300 hour certification. Sitting on 500 hrs I met, Alyssa Manny and she took me in as mentee to help refine my teaching skills and is still a big impact to this day. I now teach in the beautiful community of Ohana, Oasis, and recently LoHi Athletic Club. ​

What’s your favorite way to slow down?
There are a couple options here.. A restorative yoga class, a walk in the woods, a bubble bath, or snuggling with the dogs and fiancee. Even just sitting in the sunshine with a book can be the perfect recipe.

Describe your most peaceful day.
My most peaceful day starts with no alarms, no agenda, and just the brightness of the sun as reminder that a new day has arrived again. My honey would be there and we would slowly wake up to the make coffee and love on our pups. We would make breakfast and find our way outside. Gardening, hiking, viewing mountain peaks. Anything as long as we are together.

Why do you love teaching Supportive Yoga formats?
I love teaching Supportive Yoga formats because we are not encouraged enough to slow down and be present. This format allows you to deepen your relationship with your breathe, your Prana, your life-force. It is here that we rid what no longer serves us but also sit with what we have been avoiding in a safe, peaceful, environment. Without it, we would continue to close off our emotions and the true expressions of who we are. That is such a disservice to our Dharma, or Life-Purpose, our Cosmic Law. Offering this is my part of my Dharma and it brings so much joy to watch people find theirs through their practice here on the mat.

What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness is doing nothing but reading this sentence, unattached and completely aware. Easier said than done, it is a journey. Once ignited however, it will be hard to ignore.