What’s your yoga story?
I took my first yoga class when I was nine years old. I didn’t know it then, but yoga appeared in my life as my #1 source of support and strength — the one thing I could always turn to. My regular yoga practice began when I was 18. I was searching for physical and emotional healing and received exactly that. It was this healing which illuminated that I would have a lifelong relationship with the practice of yoga. 
What’s your favorite way to slow down? 
Meditation is my favorite way to slow down most effectively. It’s not always “easy” to meditate, but it always works. Otherwise a coffee shop with an hour or so to write, typically gets me there.
Describe your most peaceful day.
It starts with a full night of deep rest. Then I meditate. At some point I practice yoga. I eat three healthy and delicious meals. I connect with people that I love. I work on a creative project without resistance. 
Why do you love teaching Supportive Yoga formats?
Because I love to feel and share the power of slowing down. There is a lot of silence and stillness in Supportive Yoga formats, but so much can happen within that space. I find the dialogue of restoration and nourishment so refreshing, versus comparing busy schedules. Supportive Yoga gives us an opportunity to balance our overstimulated lives, and I’m super passionate about its potential. 
What is mindfulness? 
Life experience as a loving and indifferent observer.