What’s your yoga story?
My yoga story is one of rebuilding. I came to yoga as a classical singer who had lost her sense of self and therefor her voice. Yoga put the pieces back together for me as I came to see myself as a whole being, rather than just a body or a voice. It is the greatest tool for self actualization I have ever found. Whatever you are looking to cultivate in your life, yoga can help.
What’s your favorite way to slow down? 
I’m a chronic over thinker, but yoga gives my mind something to latch on to. I love to slow down with guided mediation or an asana practice that pinpoints specific sensory experiences in the body. 
Describe your most peaceful day.
My most peaceful day includes a good night’s sleep, a delicious cup of coffee, a strong and steady yoga practice, and time outside with friends or family.
Why do you love teaching Supportive Yoga formats?
There is an art to learning to slow down. In so many ways a demanding and fast paced physical practice is easier than a slower supportive practice. In order to slow down, I personally need someone to hold space for me. It is an honor to do the same for others.
What is mindfulness? 
To me, mindfulness is simply paying attention on purpose. It’s the process of watching without attachment or judgement toward what exists beneath the surface.