Class Offerings

Gentle Yoga

Stretch • Mobilize • Strengthen

In our Gentle Yoga classes, the practice of yoga welcomes you with open arms. Sequenced with physical postures and breathwork, these classes are perfect for setting or strengthening the foundation of your yoga practice. In Gentle Yoga classes, we experience the basics of yoga while embracing the philosophy of being gentle, slow, and mindful with the body. All senior, post-injury, and beginner practitioners will rejoice here. As we get to know the mild side of asana (physical postures), we open the door to a whole new side of ourselves.

This 60-minute practice is welcome and encouraged to students of all experience.

Mindful Flow

Connect • Clear • Meditate

The physical limb of yoga was historically designed to prepare the body for meditation. Our Mindful Flow class is based upon such a philosophy, utilizing intentional movement and asana to help you find more success in your mindfulness practices. Inside each Mindful Flow class, we experience the anchoring quality of movement, which takes us out of the mind and into the body. Having solidified the mind-body relationship, we conclude class with a relative mindfulness practice. Our mindfulness practice encompasses meditative, intention-setting, and visualization elements. Mindful Flow is the class that unfolds your yoga into the realm of depth and meaning.

This 60-minute practice is most suited to students with some yoga experience; expect intermediate movement.

Slow Flow

Hold • Flow • Let Go

Allow yourself to get lost in the simple and soothing movements of the Slow Flow format. Slow Flow classes are built upon the foundational quality of Vinyasa yoga: one breath, one movement. In this class, you will find yourself in long posture holds to build strength, only to be swept away in moments of alignment-based flow to inspire mobility. Each and every movement of Slow Flow is expertly supported by your instructor, so that you may prioritize the gentle release of stress and tension. You may soon agree that Slow Flow classes are the dessert of the Vinyasa yoga style.

This 60-minute practice is welcome and encouraged to students of all experience.

Restorative Yoga

Soothe • Release • Heal

Our Restorative Yoga classes are a step into the relaxation and subtle stretch we all crave in the midst of a busy lifestyle. Restorative Yoga is about mastering the art of non-doing. In these classes, we’ll use a variety of props to support our body into therapeutic postures that encourage little to no muscle engagement. Each posture is held for minutes at a time, giving you space to balance your nervous system and nourish your internal organs with fresh oxygen and energy. Release of muscular tension and stress of all kinds is a given. It is in our calmest states that we heal deeply. We all face the effects of a busy lifestyle; Restorative Yoga is our remedy.

This 60-minute practice is welcome and encouraged to students of all experience.

Yoga Nidra

Relax • Sow • Reep

Perhaps the sweetest of all yoga styles, Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep.” During our Yoga Nidra classes, we take a deep dive into the layers of our consciousness. The practice is performed lying down, as comfortably as possible. In your cocoon of bolsters and blankets, the teacher guides you into a state of meditation centered around your experience of inner body. In Yoga Nidra we plant seeds of intention beneath the level of our awareness. Then we observe, as these seeds grow before our eyes throughout our waking hours. In Yoga Nidra we practice the art of effortlessness, and come to realize the practice as pure serenity and unimaginable healing.

This 60-minute practice is welcome and encouraged to students of all experience; expect little, to no movement.

Vin + Yin Flow

Contrast • Explore • Balance

The practice of Vin & Yin is like a dance within the polarities that life offers us. In the “Vin,” or Vinyasa element of the practice, we warm the body through gentle flow and strengthening postures. The movement of Vinyasa creates the nurturing relationship of breath and movement to equalize energy flow throughout the body. As we move into the “Yin” component of class, we settle into the ancient practice of Yin Yoga. Yin postures are restorative in nature, and deep in quality. By engaging with the full spectrum of physical intensity, Vin & Yin inspires balance in body, mind, and spirit.

This 60-minute practice is welcome and encouraged to students of all experience; expect moderate movement.

Kid’s Yoga Camp

Play • Learn • Grow

At some point, every adult yogi thinks, I wish I would have started this when I was young. Our regular Kids’ Yoga Camps introduce the benefits of yoga and mindfulness as early as possible. Through a mixture of yoga poses, games, and breathing — children cultivate a unique set of skills and qualities which reflect in social settings and at home. Perhaps more importantly, children love yoga and take to its practices quickly. Yoga becomes more meaningful for everybody when they get to share it together.

Kids’ Camps available for children 3 & 4 years old, 5-9 years old, and “tweens’ 10 years and older; see schedule for information.

Baby + Me

Interact • Love • Bond

We welcome mothers into this class to experience nurturing for themselves, and baby. Our Baby & Me classes promote bonding between mother and baby, while giving mothers a chance to relax and reconnect to themselves. Our instructors are passionate and experienced in the care of new mothers. Thus, this class incorporates postures which care for a mother’s postpartum body, while supporting the wellbeing and development of baby. We intend our studio space to be a comforting retreat for women as they transition into motherhood.

This 60-minute practice is ideal for mothers with pre-crawlers; expect mild movement.

Pre + Post Natal

Care •  Calm • Nurture

The path of motherhood weaves through the experience of nurturing — including all ups, downs, arounds, and throughs. As mothers, we often become so entwined with the outward act of nurturing that we forget the necessity of nurturing ourselves. Our Pre + Postnatal classes invite mothers on all steps of the journey to turn their nurturing nature inward. Experience postures and breathwork specifically designed to sooth, strengthen, and rehabilitate your pre or postnatal body. This class aims to give you all the care you can possible receive, so that you are full of love, peace, and grounding as you turn to nurture others.

This 60-minute practice is welcome for all prenatal and postnatal mothers; expect mild-to-intermediate movement.

Sound + Stretch

Listen • Harmonize • Deepen

According to yogic philosophy, the entire universe was born with one sound — the sound of AUM, or “om.” Sound and vibration have an invaluable role in our yoga practice and life beyond the mat. Sound & Stretch classes enmesh a Vinyasa yoga practice with an elevated sound experience. Such sound experiences may include music, mantras, chanting, singing bowls, kirtan, and instruments. In these classes, we tap into the sensory experience of our practice, and fall into a realm which honors both the Vedic origins of life as well as our own unique vibration.

This 60-minute practice is most suited to students with some yoga experience; expect intermediate movement.

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