Our Story

Our Oasis story begins in the snowy hills of Carbondale, Colorado, where the three of us were musing fireside in between the classes of our first Ohana Yoga + Barre retreat. Pondering our fast-paced modern lifestyles, and the trending of dynamic fitness, we began to see with extreme clarity the emerging importance of slowing down. Learning to unwind. Giving ourselves the opportunity to heal and be nourished. We realized there was not yet a space in Denver which catered exclusively to the lunar, gentle, supportive, restful side of life experience.

From there the Oasis concept bloomed rather organically. We were instantly inspired to create a safe space where people could retreat, but without having to leave the nourishing energy that community can provide. The current yoga-world emphasizes vigorous formats, often heated and strength-based — like our classes at sister studio Ohana Yoga + Barre. There is a time and a place for all of that. But from this realization we became passionate about reaching the populations that the current yoga scene may be underserving.

We intend Oasis to support virtually any human with a desire to slow down, heal, and nourish. Our class variety is meant to supplement your current lifestyle, whether you’re an avid Vinyasa yogi, runner, walker, weightlifter, or none of the above. We have crafted our studio to be the space where you go to find center and connect with yourself — it’s our belief that this needs to happen weekly. Not just the occasional vacation or weekend getaway.

The question we’d like to ask you is, Are you ready to find balance? We all know how to work hard and exert effort. Do we know how to slow down? Do we know how to find lasting peace, calm, and health? Oasis is an Urban Retreat where we will continue to discover true wellness together. No matter who you are, your story strengthens our community. We can’t wait to know you.

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