What’s your yoga story?
I had never considered doing yoga until a massage therapist, a doctor and a chiropractor all told me to either do something to counter my size and stiffness or find another practitioner.  All three suggested yoga. I was resistant to the idea because I thought that yogis were a bit too weird. I thought that yoga promoted some sort of new age-y religion or hocus pocus I really had no interest in.

Hesitant, I started a beginner’s class.  The weekly class became multiple-times-a-week classes.  The beginner’s classes turned into more advanced classes and soon I found that I would need additional training to advance my own practice.  On the urging of some of my teachers, I became a teacher myself. The training served to improve and deepen my practice and I found that teaching was also an extension of my practice.

My life changed.  Again, seeking to improve my own practice I took additional trainings.  Now I teach Power, Yin and Nidra. It’s not hocus pocus. Science and medicine now study and verify the benefits of a yoga practice.  I have found a yoga practice is an excellent way to become the healthiest person I can be.

What’s your favorite way to slow down?
Getting quiet can mean several things to me.  I will do yoga, yin, play music, sit quietly, meditate, read, cook, or hold Sally’s hand.  Quiet is never far.

Describe your most peaceful day.
Typically, when I don’t have other immediate obligations, I start my morning early with Yin Yoga.  Next, I will spend time doing Yoga Nidra, then have coffee and sit in the hot tub. I take a Yoga class and may work on select advanced postures.  Then I eat. The rest of the day is spent being present to what needs to be done. Often the evening is cooking and spending time with Sally before some meditation and bed.

Why do you love teaching Supportive Yoga formats?
It wasn’t until I had been teaching for a while and was in a training that I heard the definitive purpose of yoga.  The teacher said,”The aim of yoga is to alleviate or prevent suffering.”  I’d probably heard it a number of times before.  This time it made sense.  The physical practice of yoga will make us physically healthier and opens the door for mental and emotional (and yes spiritual) health.  The supportive formats greet us at the door and guide us to an integrated state of health and away from suffering. 

What is mindfulness?
Being present and bringing presence to all that you do.