What’s your yoga story?
I first walked into a yoga studio about 13 years ago in hopes to help with stress and really not knowing what to expect. I instantly knew that this practice of breath and movement was exactly what I needed. With a consistent practice I decided I wanted to share my knowledge and passion for this practice with others. Yoga has provided an outlet that allows me to shed what I don’t need and make space for what I do.

What’s your favorite way to slow down?
Usually taking some alone time is my favorite way to slow down. Whether that is reading, having a glass of wine or going for a walk with my dog.

Describe your most peaceful day.
It would begin with a walk on the beach, then a relaxing yoga practice, meditation and spending time with people I love. I feel most at peace when I am near running/moving water so either by the ocean or a river is when I am most at peace.

Why do you love teaching Supportive Yoga formats?
Society tells us we need to always be moving and going and I love the opportunity to help people see that slowing down can create more space for us to shine brighter and show up with more clarity.

What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness to me is presence and awareness. When we can tap into the current moment and become aware of that moment we can operate at our highest and most positive vibration.

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